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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Special Asbury Park Screening of New Documentary "Blaze Foley Duct Tape Messiah" On June 27

(ASBURY PARK, NJ) -- Born in a tree house, killed in a friend's living room, and 86'd from his own funeral Blaze Foley is now a bona fide Texas legend. His songs are covered by Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Willie Nelson and Joe Nichols to name a few. Lucinda Williams wrote her song "Drunken Angel" as a tribute to Blaze Foley. The eclectic songwriter known as the "Duct Tape Messiah" loved wearing duct tape, starting with the tips on his boots all the way up to a suit he'd made entirely of duct tape.

This new documentary brings his extraordinary story to life on the screen for you. The screening will be followed by a meet and greet Q & A with the film's creator Kevin Triplett. For more information on the film visit:

In addition to the film there will be special acoustic musical performances by some of Jersey's finest singer songwriters including George Wirth, Michael Brett, Michael Patrick and Kevin John Allen, brought to you courtesy of NJ's own Suburban Roots Concert Series!

The screening will take place 7p.m. on Monday, June 27 at The Showroom independent cinema located at 708 Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, NJ (

Seating is limited and advance tickets are available for $15 by visiting:

About Blaze Foley:
Foley has long been celebrated by the Austin music community as a master singer/songwriter and a uniquely colorful character. Killed in February of 1989, Blaze lives on in the songs he left and the stories his memory invokes. At the time of his death, Blaze Foley (whose real name was Michael David Fuller) was little known outside of Austin's renegade songwriter circles. Several tribute CDs of Foley songs were released by Deep South Productions. Lucinda Williams' Drunken Angel, and Townes Van Zandt's Blaze's Blues are personal tributes to Foley. Born in Marfa, TX in l949, Foley grew up in West Texas, performing at an early age in a family gospel act called the Fuller Family. Foley eventually landed in Austin to pursue his songwriting and performing career. Even in Austin, a city filled with non-conformists, the duct tape adorned Foley stood out. He slept on friends' couches or on the pool tables in clubs. Above all, Foley is remembered for the stark honesty of his songs. They tapped emotions so deep they sometimes reduced his lumbering frame to tears while performing. From aching love songs to provocative political commentary, Foley's songs reflected his uncompromising artistic vision.

About Kevin Triplett:
Kevin thought all families had hall closets filled with cameras, photos, slides and movie reels. In his early teens, Kevin began creating and splicing skits with friends and a Super8 camera, even producing stop-motion animation with a toy monkey doll. After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from Texas A&M Kevin continued his interest in photography, shooting alternative garage bands in the late 80's for a startup entertainment newspaper in Huntsville, Alabama. Kevin started Mopac Media, offering broadcast-quality equipment to the emerging DV filmmaker community of Central Texas. Kevin produces video programs for the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities, the annual Barbara Jordan Media Awards Ceremony, and photographs of all kinds of weird stuff.

About George Wirth:
George Wirth is a New Jersey singer-songwriter with a gift for telling stories that are shaped by imagery and narrative. His unaffected, lived-in vocal style and subtle guitar arrangements suit his songs perfectly, with images and melodies that resonate long after the music fades. George has been introduced to audiences and shared performances with friends Rod Picott, Amanda Shires, Abbie Gardner and Red Molly. Other performances have had George co-billed with Chris Knight, Anais Mitchell, Greg Trooper, Luke Brindley and Richard Julian.

About Michael Brett:
Michael Brett was born on the Upper East Side of NYC and raised in the artist-influenced community of Roosevelt, NJ. Combining rock/pop, folk, alternative with smidgens of jazz and disco, he drew musical ideas from such diverse acts as the Beatles, David Bowie, and Gram Parsons. Brett recently released his latest CD "Some Kind of Solitude", and can be found performing in rock/folk venues all over the Jersey shore.

About Michael Patrick:
Michael Patrick is an established local performer, who recently shared the stage with such country superstars as Randy Travis, Rosanne Cash and Marty Stuart. Along with his success performing as a solo artist, Patrick currently fronts two bands, MICHAEL PATRICK and THE SUBURBAN HILLBILLIES ( and RING OF FIRE BAND, Johnny Cash Tribute ( Patrick is also a founder of the Suburban Roots Concert Series (,, a concert promotion group whose mission is to support and promote artists in the Americana, Roots, Folk and Country genres in Patrick's home state of New Jersey.

About Kevin John Allen:
Kevin John Allen is a self-described old, weathered singer songwriter working in the veins of Americana, Country, Reggae and American music. He spends his time playing, writing, travelling around and touching folks' hearts with songs about intimate topics on this carny ride through life. Allen creates music to make you laugh, cry, love, think and dance. His newest CD is entitled "Dark Songs Written on Black Guitars".

About Suburban Roots Concert Series:
Suburban Roots Concert Series' mission is to hold unique and intimate concerts in the New Jersey area, with a focus on national and local, up and coming artists in the Americana, Roots, Folk and Country genres.  We aim to bring in great talent that normally would not make Jersey a stop in their tour plans. Past and future performers include Roy Book Binder, Frank Fotusky, Tony Trischka, Two Man Gentleman Band, Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three, Chris Knight, Justin Townes Earle, John Eddie and NJ/NY/PA local stars Michael Patrick, Victory Gin, Wandering Bards, Sonny Kenn, Matt O'Ree and many more. Past and future events include The Annual Jersey Country Revival, Jam Away the Blues, Americana Rising and more.