New Jersey Stage

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Local Skank Comes To Jersey

New Orleans' 80% female ska / rock / pop / brass act is invading New Jersey for three dates only in June! With their brassy rock and over-the-top stage show, the band which has barreled their way through, and charmed  the South, now returns to their favorite Northern state, New Jersey. A surefire blast, this show is not to be missed. They will be appearing at the following venues:

Sunday June 26th - The Record Collector - Bordenton, NJ (Daytime Show!)
Monday June 27th - The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ
Thursday June 30th - Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse - Dunellen, NJ

Mere chance brought the ladies and gentleman of The Local Skank together in the summer of 2008. Responding to a craigslist ad posted by guitarist Dani Moody, the band quickly fell into place. With bassist Melissa Crory, trumpter Hannah Kreiger-Benson, and trombonist Ashley Shabankareh, the line-up was near complete. However, the band locked into place with the addition of drummer Darryl DiMaggio. Coming from Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas, and Louisiana, these ladies and gentleman formed together to create an unique group previously lacking from the New Orleans music scene. With veteran rock musicians to their stylistically different backgrounds, including punk, goth, applachian dance, hip-hop, indie rock, and ska, The Locak Skank has worked towards creating their own musical dogma. Naming themselves after their favorite style of dance, The Local Skank has been bringing a distinctive perspective to New Orleans and will continue to do so for as long as they can rock


"The Local Skank could probably skate by on the genius of their name alone but they also happen to be an amazing band! As the cover girls (and guy) of last year's birthday issue, we learned that they're all pretty friendly with each other and on top of some serious chops, make for a truly unforgettable show-going experience. And the Local Skank gets around! They'll be heading off mid-month to take their wacky, ska-punk-fueled good times on tour. In the meantime, look for their awesome calendar, which should be coming out this summer. Each month is a blast. Friendship, travel, exciting PR, ska-punk-- what a great resume!"
—  Antigravity Magazine

 The Local Skank, a New Orleanean all-girl-and-one-guy third wave ska band, took the stage with kick drum mic'ed to the high heavens and the bass amp turned up to eleven. With the rhythm section practically shaking the entire venue, the group's leads – face-painted and Hot Topic-costumed – worked the crowd with a playful tongue-in-cheek horrorcore send-up of rock n' roll femininity (House of a Thousand Tina Weymouths?) that included teaching audience members how to skank, stopping their set for a round of shots, and encouraging the crowd to yell "f**k" as loud as possible."
—  Taylor Gray, BarryFest

"Usually clad in costumes ranging from pirates to Japanese school girls (the male drummer excepted, of course), the Local Skank is determined to stand out. "
—  Erica Colbenson, OffBeat Magazine

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