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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doc Holiday Releases His Final Album

On June 16th. Mega International will release the final career album of DOC HOLIDAY (as a recording artist) celebrating a career that has spanned over 50 years of recording with over 3 million records sold worldwide.

     This release features 2 Cd's with 24 songs and is titled "THE LAST ONE STANDING". Produced by Doc Holiday and his Legendary "A" team of studio musicians : Craig Krampf, Garry Tallent, Jim Horn, Bobby Bradley, Dale Herr, Pat Severs, Deb Thomas, Sandy Pippen, Bill Cumo, and David Roe.
Recorded at QUAD STUDIOS, Nashville, BRADLEY'S BARN, Nashville and THE POWER PLANT, Virginia.

      THE LAST ONE STANDING IS DISTRIBUTED WORLDIDE AND WILL GO ON SALE FOR PRE ORDERS AT  MONDAY AFTERNOON. and be available on all digital download sites worldwide June 16th. 2011.

The first 500 copies sold from the Dream Machine Web Site ONLY will include a special bonus CD of the only Christmas Song Doc Holiday has ever recorded in his career, titled CHRISTMAS ON THE JERSEY SHORE, written by the legendary songwriter RAY DAHROUGE. The song was recorded 2 weeks ago making it the LAST ever recorded song by Doc Holiday.

Doc Holiday due to medical reasons that effects his voice has decided to make this recording his last in a string of 38 career albums. He will however continue as a record producer with major recording projects set for this year including the in creditable RICKY LYNN GREGG on July 6, 2011  at QUAD STUDIOS in Nashville