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Sunday, June 12, 2011

CD REVIEW: "Ryan Rocks" by Nancy Ryan

By Colie Brice

We live in a time when many pursue life as a sprint - running in desperate haste to achieve, acquire, and ascend the material sphere of contemporary existence. This is especially true in the music business where youthful ambition and enthusiasm often overshadow a time best spent for development and true mastery of their craft.  This is not the case with Nancy Ryan, she's lived through the marathon of life and has put together an anthology of her recordings that illustrate a personal perspective and context that can only be gained with life experience and hard earned wisdom.  <i>Ryan Rocks</i> is the name of this CD and though it does feature some incredible rock players such as the ever masterful Jon Herington on lead guitar and some seriously tasty piano by Steven Lusardi among other fine talents, to these ears the overall direction of Nancy's music has more of an old school country vibe to it. 

Nancy is a long time Asbury gal, but also spent many years out west in Southern California and the combined regional and era influences mix well into an aural time capsule of sorts.  Releases like this fascinate me - artists who are late bloomers and take their sweet time releasing their back catalog fascinate me.  I will be genuinely curious to hear Nancy's next work, for I feel that she NEEDED to get this out of her head and into the world to make room for her next release.  It seems this Lady is just getting started and I applaud her for getting back in the game. 

 Track highlights include "Indecision Keeps Knocking At My Door" and "Can It Be?" featuring nice engineering and production work from Jeff Levine of Organic Sounds in Long Branch.  For additional information please visit:"