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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Jersey Recording Artist John Jones Reissues His R&B CD Love's Smile

(New York, NY) -- Soulmindz Music Grp/820Music is pleased to announce the reissue of 'Love's Smile', a CD  by New Jersey R&B vocalist and composer John Jones. Featurig the single 'Treat U' , 'Love's Smile' has the sound and groove  of contemporary R&B hits and the unique vocal style of a new voice in American music.  The songs on the CD explore the  romantic visions and experiences of John Jones and are sung with an emotional honesty that makes these recordings universally  appealing to all R&B lovers.

Love's Smile by John Jones is inspired by love, broken hearts, and the joys of falling in love again. John Jones has been on a mission to create a CD that impacts it's listeners like Babyface's "Tender Lover" impacted his life.

"I've been healed by some beautiful love songs in my life, and I want to offer the same healing to people all over the world if I can. The title track 'Love's Smile' was inspired by a beautiful woman's smile that melted my heart one day and I couldn't get her out of my mind. I wrote the song while riding the No. 2 subway train in New York City. The debut single 'Treat U' is track number 6 on the CD. ' Treat U' explores the way I believe a woman should be treated in any relationship. She should be his first priority, and not just an option! The song is mesmerizing and lyrically on point and has tested well with woman."   - John Jones  


John Jones: John Jones is a member of Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in T.V, film, and stage productions. He has been writing and producing songs along with Preston Fullwood at Tritona Studios in NYC, Ray "ShaSkillz" Harry, and Platinum recording producer Chiba Antoine(Groovy Miles Music, The Coors, Destiny Child etc..) and is currently working on a catalog of material to be submitted for motion pictures and commercials. John Jones has tested his skillz at impromptu Open Mic performances at NYC venue's like The Baggot Inn, The Bowery, and the legendary Sweet Waters club. He linked up with music genius Preston Fullwood at Tritona Studios in NYC and recorded the bulk of 'Love's Smile.' The opening track "Brooklyn", "My Girl", and the beautiful "Always" was recorded and produced by Ray  "ShaSkillz" Harry at Light House Studios in Conn. He has recently delivered a digital only release titled "My Story" that's currently picking up steam :