New Jersey Stage

Saturday, July 27, 2013


(ASBURY PARK, NJ) -- The Asbury Musical Heritage Foundation, "Where Music Lives" began just over four intensified years ago. The foundation was born from the simple and passionate need to preserve and promote music past, present and future. So far they have reached many areas, combining educational events with historical timeline and world famous musical legend of this rich musical state. In 2011, the Smithsonian Institution selected Asbury Park as the first host city of its traveling musical heritage exhibit, "New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music." From March 11 to April 17 more than 14,000 visitors enjoyed the exhibit, including 48 class trips from area elementary and secondary schools.

The foundation has continued to bring music based initiatives to the area, hosting a plethora of lectures, exhibits, film showings and concerts. Their association with all types of music has been an important part of their proclamation, which is to continue contributing to the city's revitalization by securing Asbury Park as a true musical landing place.

The Asbury Musical Heritage Foundation, "Where Music Lives" continues that theme by hosting their new music celebration on August 2 at the city's most popular destination. The Berkeley Bar (Famously known as the Oak Bar) has been in the lobby of the Berkeley Carteret (Now Oceanfront) since the hotel's early 1920s start, and thanks to promoter Peter Mantas, it continues to be a space to hear the cities most interesting music.

The show is absolutely free, and the performers for the August 2 show are truly some of the hardest working folks in the business, and the lineup will be as follows. Emily Grove will be on at 9:30, followed by Thomas Wesley Stern at 10:30 and Moon Motel at 11:30. These are three extraordinary groups that have taken great strides in raising not only their own range of vision, but also that of Asbury Park.

The foundation's executive Director, Susan Pellegrini says, "We are excited about this series because our focus is not only on honoring the past, but promoting the present and creating a future for the people that create our music scene right now."