New Jersey Stage

Thursday, August 8, 2013


(Newark, NJ) -- New Jersey's acclaimed Progressive Rock band, SIOS, are set to perform a special final summer concert before they embark on a tour with 3 this fall. The concert will take place at Soul Takers Motorcycle Club in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday, August 10th at 9pm. Opening for SIOS will be Matrix Funk. This concert also continues to support the release of their debut album, Halcyon Failure, which has received great reviews from local and international media. The album was engineered and produced by Kevin Antressian, who has worked with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Foxy Shazam, drummer Chris Pennie (Coheed and Cambria, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Mike Portnoy. 

SIOS are also currently promoting the music video for "The Garden of Shades," a single from Halcyon Failure. The music video was filmed and edited by Christian Cruz at Soul Takers Motorcycle Club.

"The Garden of Shades" on YouTube:

The Soul Takers Motorcycle Club is located at 90-92 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, NJ. There will be a $10.00 donation charge at the door. Showtime is at 9:00 pm. SIOS are scheduled to perform at 10:30 pm. 

Halcyon Failure is a musically ambitious concept album filled with hard-hitting and musically eclectic songs that takes listeners on a thought provoking journey. The story of Halcyon Failure is part of an on-going science-fiction saga called "The World of 8" which will transpire across a series of several albums. In this part of the concept, an enigmatic, malevolent force threatens peace in the Utopian planet SIOS has created known as "The World of 8." Hell bent on destruction and chaos, this evil entity known as "Eminence" will stop at nothing to introduce the concept of war to a civilization completely oblivious to it. What will happen to "The World of 8" when an alien entity's desire to see it burn is introduced?

To purchase Haycon Failure on CDBaby, please go to:

SIOS is composed of four self-taught individuals who go above and beyond to create an eclectic world; not only through their music, but also through the fictional concept they have created to serve as the backdrop to their sound. During an uncertain period in his life, lead guitarist Christian "Enigma" Cruz decided to reach out to former band mate Phillip "Dice" Defreitas (Bass & Vocals), to begin a new band with the goal of reaching millions of people and sharing their unique ideas with the world. Through this common idea, Gabriel Scholis-Fernandez (Drums) soon joined the band, adding his passion and unique playing style to the mix. Rhythm guitarist Jake Ball was the last piece added to the puzzle; adding a new texture to their sound. Through hard work and dedication, SIOS soon developed a cohesive concept and sound; intriguing audiences with their unique vision and energy.

SIOS released their debut full-length album titled Halcyon Failure to rave reviews. Since the release, SIOS has opened up for the widely-known progressive outfit known as 3 at the famous Maxwells in Hoboken, received an invitation to tour nationally with them in the fall of 2013, and have been featured in prominent publications like The Aquarian and The Star-Ledger. For more information, please go to: