New Jersey Stage

Friday, August 23, 2013


(New York, NY) -- New Jersey multimedia artist Jon Koones will be displaying new and current works from his Love-Petra series at Spectrum New York Art Fair from October 3rd through October 6th. Inspired by the entrance to the treasury monument in PETRA, Jordan, Koones will be showing two dimensional paintings and one 7' painted wood sculpture. The work features strong abstract female form using metallic irridescent and bright acrylic paint on canvas. The sculpture will consist of various layers of wood with painted finish. Using triangle form to spell the word LOVE, that is both ancient and contemporary in appearance, Koones uses acrylic and acrylic polymers to achieve three dimensional high lifts off the canvas. 

"It started as an experimental piece of work that I have repeated over and over in different forms and materials. Like the emotion of love it continues to expand. Let it be seen in may places, in many forms." - Jon Koones on LOVE. 

Jon Koones is a self-taught artist creating art for almost 30 years. Koones creates strong linear and shape form based contemporary art. His style ranges from simple to complex as well as tight to loose in application. Melding the need to create and be self-sufficient, Jon works as a carpenter and dog trainer. He has exhibited his work in New York City, New Jersey, Fort Lauderdale and Toronto. Jon lives in Essex County, New Jersey. 

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Spectrum New York 2013 will be held at Javits Center North, 655 West 34th Street in New York City. Spectrum New York is a juried contemporary art fair featuring high-quality artwork by talented mid-career artists who have experience working with galleries. Spectrum was created specifically to offer gallery owners, designers, architects and collectors innovative works by innovative, established artists. For information, registration, show schedule and tickets, please go to: