New Jersey Stage

Friday, August 5, 2011

Phoenix Productions receives $3000 grant from Investors Savings Bank Foundation!

(RED BANK, NJ) -- The Investors Savings Bank Foundation has awarded Phoenix Productions a $3,000 grant to help underwrite the cost of live orchestras for musical theatre performances in 2011 at the Count Basie Theatre and the Strand Center for the Arts.

Phoenix Productions is a non-profit, award-winning community theatre organization that has brought more than 100 revivals of hit Broadway musicals to central New Jersey's eager audiences since 1987.

"Last year, Broadway shut down when the musician's union went on strike to protest the use of recorded music for live performances," commented Lindsay Wood, Phoenix's President. "They saw it not only as a threat to their livelihood, but also as a threat to their art form. For Phoenix, a non-profit organization with limited resources, using recorded music may seem to be an easy fix. However, we have a mission to provide quality theatrical experiences for audience members and performers alike, including members of the orchestras.

We feel it is important to keep our performances live, as no machine can ever replace the uniqueness, subtlety, inspiration, devotion, passion, heart and soul expressed through live music and performance."

Established in 2005, the Investors Savings Bank Foundation enriches the lives of New Jersey citizens by supporting initiatives in the arts, education, youth development, affordable housing, and health and human services. To date, the Foundation has pledged more than $5.3 million in support of the communities the bank serves.