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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glen Burtnik to release digital tribute to Asbury Park on August 1st

What do the Bouncing Souls, Pete Steinkopf, Glen Burtnik, and the Asbury Park High School Choir have in common? They're all part of Burtnik's creative team on his latest tribute to Asbury Park. Glen Burtnik is a composer that doesn't sit on his laurels and he's always looking for the next musical challenge that's around the proverbial bend.

For this song Glen had to look no farther than his beloved neighborhood to come up with his ultimate tribute. Burtnik decided to simply compose a song that described the historic area he has come to love and call home. Recorded entirely in the city by the sea, "Where Music Lives," forgoes the sounds of blue-collar yesteryear for an updated summer of love feel supplied by the musicians that continue to keep Asbury Park on the rock-and-roll map.

"Where Music Lives" addresses a special place that's close to everyone's heart. Asbury Park is a town that has weathered great highs and crushing lows, and it's part of the overall allure and character that this magical town possesses.

As Glen says, "Songs are like children. They're born, you nurture them, and you eventually let them go out into the world, hoping they have their best shot at life. I wanted to invest some effort into making the most of this song, which has a special meaning to me, and hopefully anyone else that loves this town like I do." "Where Music Lives" is available exclusively at CD Baby beginning on August 1st, 2011.

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