New Jersey Stage

Friday, April 29, 2011

Theater is Alive and Well in New Jersey

Rick Busciglio, theater writer/reviewer for New Jersey Footlights and and professional speaker on entertainment topics,has created a multimedia/interactive lecture or presentation: "Theater is Alive and Well in New Jersey." The presentation includes photos and videos from many of the professional and community theaters in the state, in addition to theater profiles, current and upcoming plays, discount ticket opportunities and more. The objective is to promote live theater-going throughout the state .... both community theater and the not-for-profit professional theaters.

Rick is semi-retired from a career in broadcasting, e.g. VP of Marketing for a cable and satellite channel in the U.S. and Briton, Senior VP of Television at several NY ad agencies.  He writes two blogs on New Jersey theater, and serves on the
board of the Chester Theatre Group in Chester. Also, Rick has lectured internationally (via cruise ships) from Istanbul to Honolulu, and currently in the New Jersey-Pennsylvania area on the great productions, performers and composers of American musical theater and "The Great American Songbook." More information regarding booking, contact and examples of his presentations are available on his website

Rick resides in Chester Township, Morris County, NJ with his wife Betty and his Yorkie "Mac."