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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kelly Zullo In Online Campaign To Raise Funds For New Record

Somehow between touring Europe twice, playing consistently in the states, and writing over 100 new songs this year, Kelly Zullo found time also to further a new style of guitar playing.  Featured in the forthcoming release, "Firecracker", Zullo puts the skill of a brilliant funk/slap acoustic guitar styling with equally as impressive song material, and on top of that a very decent voice.  If you're a fan of Michael Hedges, Ani Difranco, or The John Butler Trio, this album is for you.

Currently there is an online 'campaign' to help raise funds for the production of the album.  The campaign is located at:

"The impact comes in selling the first 100 copies of the cd, to cover the cost of duplication, as well as, to have the ability to mail out 100 copies to independent radio and media for reviews, and to go on the road again," explained Zullo.  "Because I've done all of the recording in my own space, and used no help with musicians, the cost of the cd is relatively low.  Any funds not used in that process will help get me around the country this feb and march when I go on another tour.  Many of the events I do are for a cause or tips."

Samples of the cd can also be heard at

Here are special offers for the donations:

$20 pledge(USA only, overseas add $5) -- you get a copy of the new disc, Firecracker, & her 2006 disc 'Case of Truce', both signed by Zullo.  Or if you have 'Case of Truce', you can choose from 'Thin Line' (fromm 2001) or.. a bootleg she will burn.  

$40 pledge -- you'll get the 2 aforementioned cd's, as well as 1) a half hour guitar skype lesson or 2) entrance to one of her upcoming guitar workshops to be held in certain cities in the midwest this winter.

$250 pledge -- in addition to the cd's, Zullo will play a house concert at the venue or home of your choice in the state of Indiana, NJ, NY, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut or Tennessee between the dates of Feb 19- March 5.  Or if you live overseas, Zullo will be available in Germany/Austria from March 26- April 6th.
You can even sell tickets for the event if you want. Zullo will provide the sound system, her music, and even an opening act.

$500 pledge -- Zullo will play a concert as mentioned above, provide 2 cd's, and write a song about or for you and record it.