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Sunday, November 3, 2013


(New Jersey) -- Rose Morrisroe, Educator in New Jersey and the founder of Soldiers Against Child Abuse, a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising child abuse awareness nationwide, is pleased to announce the sale of "No Secrets Between Us." This 336-word book teaches children in Kindergarten to fourth grade about recognizing and protecting themselves against sexual abuse. Currently, "Erin's Law" requires educators and the like to teach grades K-7th on awareness. 

Soldiers Against Child Abuse supports Erin's Law with the sale of "No Secrets Between Us."

This book is written for children to be purchased parents, educators, counselors, social workers, health practitioners, administrators, and child advocates. It takes a gentle approach at raising child sexual abuse awareness, which is supported by several educational theories. The book is illustrated with beautiful pictures that children will identify with.

Michael Reagan (President Reagan's son) has endorsed Morrisroe as just the right author for a children's book on this subject. The endorsement is as follows: "Rose Morrisroe: one of the top educational instructors for the state of New Jersey and founder for one of the leading non profits on child abuse prevention - Soldiers Against Child Abuse. She encompasses vision, awareness, passion and accomplishment to the world she touches.... She saves the world around her and embraces the hurt with healing, guidance and compassion." ~Michael Reagan

"This book is very personal to me, as I have experienced child sexual abuse starting at the age of 4," says Morrisroe. Our mission at Soldiers Against Child Abuse is to protect America's children by speaking for those who are in danger, helping the abused find their voice, educating the public about the importance of intervening in child abuse situations and how to get involved in a proactive manner," says Morrisroe. "Our greatest weapon in the battle against child abuse is knowledge."

Michael Reagan was the first person to purchase the book online at: .

About Soldiers Against Child Abuse (SACA)
Soldiers Against Child Abuse currently chair seminars at school districts and town hall meetings, which encourage parents and students of all grades to freely speak out about abuse. Founder Rosey Morrisroe, a first grade teacher, is the first to create an age/grade appropriate curriculum for child physical and sexual abuse education, reaching grades K-5.

SACA website, has tens of thousands of followers. SACA provides the public with continuous news and media coverage of child abuse cases, informative resources, links and tips to intervention and prevention, guidance to government agencies, and information on shelters and safe havens.

SACA holds a rally in New York every April (Child Abuse Awareness Month) featuring educational resources, personal testimonies from survivors, and entertainment to attract audiences.

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