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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Carl Palmer Band Comes to The Strand

(Lakewood, NJ) -– The historic STRAND Center for the Arts presents the Carl Palmer Band on Saturday, October 15 at 8pm. Drummer Extraordinaire Carl Palmer Announces the 2011 "PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION" U.S. Tour. The CARL PALMER BAND is set to present an entire evening the instrumental rock classics of EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, including the epic Muggorsky classic.

America get ready. The thunder and the fury are returning….. Carl Palmer, among the most celebrated drummers in Rock history and a founding member of both ELP and ASIA, is returning to the US for his third North American solo band tour since 2006; an appearance at the US premiere of The Solo, an acclaimed UK art film featuring the famed drummer; and to promote the celebrated new iTunes mobile application- Play Carl Palmer's Drums.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Palmer returns during the month of October on stage, the silver screen, and the small screens of iPADS, iPODS, and iPHONES. His US appearances follow a string of successful shows in the UK and Europe, with his band.

"I always love working in America, but this time around, I have some really exciting aspects of my visit," says Palmer. "For me, it's always about how well you can connect to the fans, and the new tour, the film, and my new mobile app, has allowed for greater access than ever before."

Just prior to the launch of his tour, on Saturday afternoon, October 8th, Palmer will be the special guest at Cleveland's ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM, as part of their ongoing Legends Series programming.  This event will also feature the US premier of the art film The Solo (directed by acclaimed art-filmmaker Andrew Cross), a 35-minute movie that portrays the drum solo as a work of physical art, and features Palmer behind his drum kit.

"The film is not a Carl Palmer drum solo, as one might expect," says Palmer. "It explores how the drum kit and the person playing it can connect to create a live example of art, as one would view and absorb in a museum." The film has gotten rave reviews from art and film critics, during its run in UK art museums, and will be available on DVD in the fall.

For the real experience of Carl Palmer's drums, fans will need to see his upcoming tour. Entitled "The Carl Palmer Band – 2011 Pictures At An Exhibition Tour," the show will celebrate bold new arrangements of the best-loved instrumental music of ELP, and other composers. A multi-media experience combining music and video projection, it promises to be among the most musically compelling tours of the year. CPB is a red-hot power trio that features Palmer on drums and percussion; guitarist Paul Bielatowicz and bassist Simon Fitzpatrick.

"Since the early part of this decade I have been playing with my own power trio, replacing the keyboards with electric guitar. I felt that was the only honest way to approach the music of ELP. I didn't want to have a singer trying to sound like Greg Lake. ELP did so much instrumental music, this format made sense to me. Hearing the keyboard parts done on guitar is certainly different, but just as satisfying. The idea was to re-invent this iconic music."

Palmer has released four solo albums since the last ELP tour 1998. They are: DO YA WANNA PLAY?, a 2 CD anthology and WORKING LIVE VOL 1, Vol 2., and Vol.3, (released on Eagle Rock). Since last year's extensive US-Canadian- South American solo tour, Palmer has remained active with ASIA (Geoff Downes, Steve Howe and John Wetton), touring and recording. The band will return in 2012, for its 30th Anniversary. As for ELP, Palmer closed that chapter of his life when the band played a final show in 2010 at London's High Voltage Festival, where they celebrated their 40th Anniversary.

For this solo band tour, the Carl Palmer Band will play nearly two hours and drum enthusiasts can expect an evening of compelling percussive theatrics, from the man who brought the drum set to the forefront of rock n roll music.

Make your ticket reservations online at or call 732-730-5925. The STRAND box office, 732–367-7789, is open on Thursday and Friday, between 12 pm and 5 pm and 3 hours before each show.

Admission is $26.  Make your ticket reservations online at or call 732-730-5925. The STRAND box office, 732–367-7789, is open on Thursday and Friday, between 12 pm and 5 pm and 3 hours before each show.

The Strand Theatre is located at 400 Clifton Avenue in Lakewood, NJ.