New Jersey Stage

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Afternoon of Aesop's Fables At The Strand

(Lakewood, NJ) – The historic STRAND Center for the Arts presents Aesop's Fables on Sunday, October 9 at 2pm. The Lion and the Mouse, The Fox and the Grapes, The Tortoise and the Hare… Come see the folks from Aesop's famous fables, as only nationally acclaimed puppeteer Jim West and his partner can bring them to life! Enjoy this unbelievable feat of large-scale puppeteering, including the music of Scarlatti, Beethoven, and Chopin.

Aesop, sometimes called the "father of the fable" lived about 2,600 years ago (approximately 620-560 BC). He was born in either Turkey or Egypt (historians aren't sure) and was a slave. He served King Croesus in Lydia, a kingdom that existed a long time ago in West Asia Minor. Aesop entertained the king by telling him stories. King Croesus liked Aesop and his stories so much that he freed him.

Aesop never wrote his stories down. The stories were passed by word of mouth from generation to generation. No one knows exactly how many stories Aesop created, but some books say he wrote over 650!

Don't miss your chance to see Jim West and friends tell Aesop's stories to you! This all-ages show is fun for the entire family!

Admission is $9.50.  Make your ticket reservations online at or call 732-730-5925. The STRAND box office, 732–367-7789, is open on Thursday and Friday, between 12 pm and 5 pm and 3 hours before each show.

The Strand Theatre is located at 400 Clifton Avenue in Lakewood, NJ.