New Jersey Stage

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shore-based Band Echo Movement Announces New Album & Reaches For NJ's Support

New Jersey's only nationally-touring reggae/rock band Echo Movement is playing one more show in the shore area at The Saint in Asbury Park on June 2nd before leaving for a nationwide tour this summer and releasing their new album "Music Played On" on September 13.  The Saint show is headlined by reggae/rockers Ballyhoo! from Maryland.

According to the seven-piece band's founders, brothers Stephen and David Fowler of Neptune, the new album includes select remakes of songs from their early albums. Although those early releases were heralded by iTunes as "a cohesive blend of roots reggae and pop songwriting smarts," they are being discontinued this summer, to be replaced by Music Played On.

"Those early works were me and my brother playing all the parts ourselves, so the songs never had a chance to sound like the band that's known today as Echo Movement," said Stephen Fowler.

The new album is being released while the band is home between two national tours. Tour dates for summer and fall will be announced soon.

Echo Movement is also calling on New Jersey residents for support through a project campaign.

"Most reggae/rock bands are from California. And, no thanks to MTV, the perception of the New Jersey Shore is at an all-time low," said David Fowler. "So we play against the odds. We're asking our home state to rally behind us, to help push us into the entertainment spotlight so New Jersey is known for more than its tourists. We're proud of our state, so anything good for Echo Movement is good for New Jersey."

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