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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tom Brislin Offers Debut Solo Single As Free Download

Photo by Kira Smith
Singer/songwriter Tom Brislin unveils his debut single, the orchestrated indie-ballad “When You Told Me Not To Go”, as a free download.  The New Jersey native and current Nashville-based artist has garnered critical acclaim as the voice behind the synth-rock band Spiraling, and has been a touring keyboardist for several iconic classic rock acts.

While Brislin’s career includes tenures with arena acts such as Yes and Deborah Harry, “When You Told Me Not To Go” marks a new, more intimate musical chapter.  It's a piano-driven combination of classical dramatics, indie aesthetics, and a voice which has drawn comparisons to Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith, and Ben Folds.

“When You Told Me Not To Go” was written, produced, and performed entirely by Tom Brislin.  It is available now at and iTunes.  Tom will be performing at the Glen Burtnik Xmas Xtravaganza in Red Bank, New Jersey, on December 18 to benefit area food banks and other charities.

Download and share "When You Told Me Not To Go" (Right-click this link to save file)

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