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Saturday, September 28, 2013

DRIVE-IN Film Festival Begins its Sixth Season at Delsea Drive-In

(Vineland, NJ) -- The DRIVE-IN Film Festival, a Brooklyn-based not-for-profit film festival in its sixth year, is launching its annual festival. Unlike many film festivals that celebrate films in one city or location, the DRIVE-IN Film Festival brings fresh, independent films to drive-ins across America. On October 5th, the festival will be launching its sixth season at Delsea Drive-In, New Jersey's only drive-in theater, to celebrate and promote film selections, as well as bringing awareness to the existence of drive-in movie theaters.

The DIFF will be featuring several films this season, GOING ATTRACTIONS, and two short films KEEP THE CHANGE and MOVE MOUNTAIN, with more films to be announced.

Continuing the film festival's mission to bring films to audiences that would not get to have the experience at a local multiplex, the DIFF chooses to screen at family-owned drive-ins like the Delsea to bring together independent films and a dying American tradition. The event will include film screenings, trivia, raffle prizes and giveaways.

With the rise of social media, drive-ins across the country have been able to network online with fans, post news about upcoming films and ticket deals. They have also been able to call for help -- with the need to keep up with technology and convert to digital projectors, a switch that could cost up to six figures, drive-ins have shared fundraising campaigns with their fans. Honda has even launched their own campaign, Project Drive-In, in which they promise to save five drive-ins in America from going dark.

"All moviegoers should have this nostalgic experience. We want everyone to join us in celebrating drive-ins and independent movies. Holding the DRIVE-IN Film Festival here at the Delsea is a great way to bring audiences to the drive-ins," says C.C. Webster, Founder and Creative Director of the Drive-in Film Festival.

The DRIVE-IN Film Festival brings a classic tradition into the present-day by bringing independent films to drive-ins, as well as releasing film content and drive-in information online. All proceeds will go to benefit the Delsea Drive-In.

The event will be held October 5th at Delsea Drive-in, in Vineland New Jersey. For more information, please visit