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Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Los Ciegos del Barrio" Comes To The Strand

(Lakewood, NJ) -- Coming to The Strand Theater on Saturday, December 4 at 7:00pm is Los Ciegos del Barrio. Why not start the holiday season with wonderful music and sounds? Bring your friends and families to a show you will not forget. Although their name started out as a joke, most of the "Blind Boys of the Hood" are, in fact, legally blind and all are fantastic musicians playing a multitude of genres that include salsa, meringue, and bachata.

The core members of the group are: Alvin Suarez (lead guitar, percussion, drumkit, vocals and band director), Derek Suarez (bass, percussion, congas, vocals), and Machete (keyboards, accordion, harmonica, some bongos, vocals). Other members include: Jaime Diaz (rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Jimmy Fontañez (tambora, bongos, vocals and sometimes guira), Angel Dueño (guira and timbales) and Tony Jimenez (congas and percussion).

All tickets are $16.00 plus service charge. Want to know more about Los Ciegos del Barrio? Listen to some of their music and maybe become a part of the group? Visit their website at Want to follow them more closely? Become their friend on Facebook at Feliz Navidad! 

For more information call the box office at 732-367-7789 or visit the website at

The Strand is located at 4th Street and Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, NJ.